Come Drink with Me

cdwmGolden Swallow, in formal attire

In Chinese cinema, King Hu was one of the earliest known filmmakers to produce movies of the wuxia genre. In this next film, Come Drink With Me, Golden Swallow, a young warrior, is dispatched to rescue her elder brother from bandits, who are holding him hostage until their leader is released from custody. Aiding her is Drunken Cat, a local drunkard who is actually a skilled kung-fu master. This film would later on serve as the staple for both kung-fu and wuxia films for many filmmakers to come, such as John Woo and Jackie Chan.


Sons of Good Earth

SGE poster.pngA modest illustration of DVD cover

Considered by many (including himself) as his breakout film, Son of Good Earth celebrates Chinese nationalism with the story of a group of rebels, who fight against the invading Japanese armies during the Sino-Japanese war to retake their homeland.