And here we are at the end; Painted Skin was King Hu’s final film before his passing, His second supernatural-action film, this film centers around a young ghost fleeing from a enigmatic demon, who turned her into a spirit, and is aided by a scholar, two priests, and a powerful monk(portrayed by Chinese film legend Sammo Hung). Though visually more pleasing than his previous Legends of the Mountain, it did not leave a strong impression that most of his films gave to viewers. It’s also one of the few of his works that not only has a consistent plot, but has a satisfying conclusion. However, the plot was more or less contrived; the initial protaganist(the scholar) was very passive and quick to turn away the heroine as soon as her true identity(as a spirit) was discovered. The main heroes(the two priests) also did not leave as much impact as the high monk. So it feels like much of the film was carried by star quality rather than the film’s story and cinematic elements.


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